284ml Elmlea Double Cream Alternative


  • A blend of vegetable oils and buttermilk
  • Elmlea Double for pouring cooking and whipping. Use with your dishes and desserts for a deliciously creamy taste.
  • Elmlea is a blend of buttermilk and vegetable oils, it is suitable for vegetarians and adds a lot of flavour and consistency to dishes and desserts. Elmlea can be poured, whipped or cooked depending on the dish. Whether you’re considering cooking a dish or making some dessert, Elmlea has a wide variety of products that are suitable and compatible to your dishes, and it is easy to use.
  • The main benefit of Elmlea is that it lasts longer once opened so it can be stored in the fridge and be reused again for cooking and desserts. So just Whirl a touch of Elmlea in your soup, whip it up for a yummy pudding or spoon some over your pasta sauce or your steak for a deliciously creamy taste.
  • For delicious recipe ideas and more information about Elmlea, you can visit our Facebook page ELMLEA UK and follow us on our Instagram page @elmlea_ukie !
  • Elmlea is committed to sustainable palm oil.
  • Keep refrigerated and use within the days specified on the Elmlea pot. Do not freeze Elmlea. Use best before expiry date – see lid.
  • For a deliciously creamy taste
  • A blend of buttermilk and vegetable oils
  • Lasts longer than dairy cream when opened
  • Pack size 284ml
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Elmlea is committed to sustainable palm oil
  • Pack size: 284millilitre
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